Nacho Tours is a reliable tour operator in Cancún, Mexico. However, there might be a better alternative for your transportation needs.

Find out when to book Nacho Tours and what travel options you have in Cancún and its surroundings. Be it an airport transfer, a day trip, or a one-way transportation to another city. This article has you covered.

What you need to know about Nacho Tours

  1. How to contact Nacho Tours in Cancún or in Playa Del Carmen?
  2. What do customers say about Nacho Tours in Mexico?
  3. Should I book Nacho Tours?
  4. A Review of the Terms and Conditions from Nacho Tours

Important reminder

A great alternative are renowned platforms like Viator. Save time and ensure a refund by booking day trips or airport transfers in Cancún through platforms like Viator.

Nacho Tours offers a range of tours and activities for tourists visiting Cancún and Playa del Carmen, including excursions to popular attractions like Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Xcaret or airport transfers to CUN.

Some of the tours offered by Nacho Tours Cancún include snorkeling, ATV tours, and zip-lining adventures. Their focus, however, lies on simple transfers, like transportation to the airport or hotel.

How to contact Nacho Tours in Cancún or in Playa Del Carmen?

The best way to contact Nacho Tours is through their

  • Social Media or
  • E-Mail or
  • Customer Hotline +52 998 231 1398 or
  • book other airport transfers and transport options using Viator.

Nacho Tours responds in Spanish or English. They are frequently updating their social media, and you can easily check what excursions and trips in Cancún they offer.

There is no option to book a transport option with Nacht Tours without interacting through Social Media or a call. Another Option is to book your tour directly through a service provider. I can recommend the following tours.

What do customers say about Nacho Tours in Mexico?

They have 4,5 Stars on Facebook. To give you further assistance, I assembled some of the reviews for Nacho Tours. They do not only offer transfers from Cancún Airport but also several trips in and around Cancún.

Some of their customers on Facebook say:

  • “Awesome reliable service”
  • “Thank you for suggesting Nacho Tours ... They were awesome”
  • "Nacho Tours is extremely reliable and is fast to reply to any questions or concerns I had along the way. His drivers are awesome! Highly recommend."

On the other side, some inquiries were not properly answered. As well as negative feedback

  • "We were left stranded for our return back to the airport today. Attempted to reach them and called multiple times with no response. Would not recommend Nacho Tours"

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However, the positive reviews outnumber the negative ones. Many travelers highlight the friendliness of Nachos drivers, as well as the tips they received from the guides during the trips. It’s also stated that Nacho Tours is inexpensive.

Should I book Nacho Tours?

The company has a good reputation for providing high-quality tours and exceptional customer service, as evidenced by positive reviews on various travel websites.

In my opinion there are easier and safer options for airport transfers or day trips. My personal preferences is to book transportation services through a website with compensation claim. Viator and GetYourGuide have performed well in my experience.

But if you like to arrange things via Social Media, Nacho Tours is definitely a good choice. So here are your options:

Business in Mexico tends to be informal, so making a booking through WhatsApp is not unusual. If you book Nacho Tours you should have clear ways of communication with your tour operator. You should make sure to receive a booking confirmation in advance and, if possible. Contacting Nacho Tours through Social Media might work just fine for you in this case.

I, however, like to plan things ahead and avoid surprises or last-minute changes. Especially for day trips or airport transfers. That is why I like to rely on well-known tour operators like Viator or GetYourGuide. They help if something goes wrong and can refund your expenses.

I also like to have a receipt and payment confirmation with specific dates - something that Nacho Tours and other transportation services in Cancún do not always provide.

A Review of the Terms and Conditions from Nacho Tours

The travel agency's key policies are centered around efficient and smooth transportation services. Travelers are advised to have a transfer voucher and ID ready for the driver, to ensure promptness. Reservation changes and same-day modifications are permitted, but subject to availability and additional fees, and contact information is provided for assistance.

Nacho Tours also limits its service

  • Car seats are subject to availability.
  • Nacho Tours is not responsible for delays caused by unexpected traffic.

Pickups at the Airport:

Nacho Tours indicates their maximum waiting times for arrivals at CUN as follows:

  • 30 minutes for national flights
  • 60 minutes for international flights

Luggage included are typically 2 suitcases per person, one carry-on, and one checked bag. Ask for additional vehicles if you have non-standard baggage.

Cancellation and "No Show" Policies from Nacho Tours

  • Cancellations can be requested through above mentioned communication channels.
  • Full refund if canceled 12 hours before the service, with taxes charged for PayPal.
  • No refund or credits for cancellations made less than 12 hours before the service.
  • No-Show status when customers don't show up or fail to inform about changes or cancellations.
  • No refunds or credits for No-Show services.
  • Max 15 minutes waiting time for departures/hotel-to-hotel services
  • No monetary refund for cancellations due to Force Majeure/Events Beyond Control

Reservation Changes:

  • Same-day changes are subject to availability and additional fees.
  • Contact Nacho Tours at +52-998-198-4193 for reservations or changes.
  • Request additional services 48 hours before arrival with extra costs.

Sources: The Nacho Tours Cancún Logo as well as the citations of the reviews are retrieved from their Facebook Page, which can be found here.